I am a phd student in the economics program at Washington State University, where I work as a Research Assistant with the Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources and professor Michael Brady. My research interests are machine learning and causal analysis as well as forecasting/prediction in both macro and micro settings. I work on questions related to climate, agriculture and natural resources, and economic forecasts.

I'm an open science advocate and long-time open source user. I believe in the power of collaborative communities and human ingenuity. Software Carpentry and reproducible research methods are close to my heart. I've been a Linux user for over 15 years, and currently run Arch Linux on my laptop. I write software with vim, sublime text, and Rstudio. I tend to use Amazon EC2 instances for quick testing, and also for setting up longer-term projects when necessary.

I've written several R packages and a few python programs: rnassqs provides easy access to USDA agricultural data from the NASS QuickStats API, rkclass provides instrumental variables regression analysis in R, though there are better packages to use for that. Most of my work is available on my github profile. Written work is available here.

The code to generate this site is open source and available on the site repository, which now includes an extensive note-taking system, as well as links to my bibtex library and get_paper.py, a python script that fetches published article metadata when provided with a DOI.

I'm infrequently active on twitter, where I mostly follow an assortment of awesome data people.

I also write some fiction, and in early mornings, you can usually find me on one of my favorite running trails.


For more projects here is an archive of all projects on this site.


rnoaa: Contributed R functions for accessing Global Ensemble Forecasting System (GEFS) data.

rkclass: R package for Instrumental Variables Regressions.

rnassqs: R package to access NASS QuickStats API.

d3vis: A not very complete wrapper for d3js.

bit-trader: Python utility to trade bitcoins via various APIs. Out of date.

You can find more on my github repository.