I am a programmer and data analyst at Washington State University's Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources, where I use R, python, and SQL to create data visualizations, perform statistical analysis, and process large amounts of data.

I'm primarily interested in predictive statistics, statistical learning, and causal inference, especially in the melding of machine learning and economics, behavior prediction, and what can be done with ubiquitous computing. I've developed a couple of relevant R packages: rnassqs for accessing the NASS QuickStats API from R, and rkclass for instrumental variables regressions.

I'm infrequently active on twitter and most of my code is available on my github repository. Written work is available here.

I also write short stories, some of which are available here.


For more projects here is an archive of all projects on this site.


rnoaa: Contributed R functions for accessing Global Ensemble Forecasting System (GEFS) data.

rkclass: R package for Instrumental Variables Regressions.

rnassqs: R package to access NASS QuickStats API.

d3vis: A not very complete wrapper for d3js.

bit-trader: Python utility to trade bitcoins via various APIs. Out of date.

You can find more code on my github repository.


Bridges. Running like a machine, but can machines save humans?

Corralled and Carving. Edges are seductive.

Hurricanes. Hurricanes come at any time, and each of us has our own.

Mopping the Present. Zen will not protect you.

On the Same Wavelength. Connections can be both brutal and beautiful.

Stone People. The last song of a shrinking world.

You can also see the archives of short stories and poetry for everything available on this site.