General Interests: Econometrics, Causal Inference, Statistical Learning, Economics of Scarce Resources, International Development, Behavioral/Experimental Economics

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Research Goals

I'm interested in the role of trust in markets and public institutions, management of both cognitive and natural scarce resources, and the intersection of causal inference, machine learning, and bayesian statistics. I'm also interested in trust as it applies to science itself and research methods to make research more reproducible and replicable. I hope to avoid the mass production of spurious statistical significance. Some specific topics include:

  • Machine learning in matching and counterfactuals to aid in causal inference.
  • Economic incentives in open science, open data, and reproducible research.
  • Climate impacts on the economic value of natural resources.
  • Water markets and regulation in situations of abundance and scarcity.
  • Beyond average treatment effects: impacts of international trade, minimum wage, and other policies.
  • Cognitive scarcity and economic choice.
  • Properties of collaborative economies. How they arise, survive, and die.
  • Prediction in an era of machine learning and big data.