Resesarch Ethics Statement

My research ethics are simple: engage in honest scientific pursuits, and do not restrict life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

To me science is the pursuit of knowledge. If I take a position based on emotion and then search for evidence to support it, I’m not pursuing knowledge, I’m engaging in politics. If I accept payment in order to arrive at a specific conclusion, I’m not only not contributing knowledge, I’m corrupting what knowledge we have. If my work causes pain and suffering, I may be doing research, but it’s research that enriches myself at significant cost to others.

With this as my ethical base and perspective, I commit to the following (in no particular order):

  • I will endeavor to respect every person, period.

  • I will pursue research with the explicit goal of increasing knowledge, and in doing so I reject beginning with a specific answer or result in mind.

  • I will endeavor to create space for an open marketplace of ideas, dismissing nothing out of hand.

  • I will not accept funding of any kind that seeks to obtain a foregone conclusion, period.

  • I will pursue transparency and open science best practices in my research, and work hard to limit the possibility of statistical fallacies, whether due to the garden of forking paths or other pitfalls.

  • I will make all of my research publicly available to the extent I’m allowed, whether the results are ‘significant’ or not. This includes making data, and code available when possible. I will work to make this possible every time.

  • I will not engage in research that causes loss of life, restriction of liberty, or restriction of the pursuit of happiness.

I recognize that the interpretation of these statements is complex and fraught with inconsistencies. But much like the constitution of the United States, it is a living document. I will do my best to interpret it in as intellectually honest a way as possible.

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